Lately I have been thinking of how to best display my collection of work Across various platforms – Beginning with the re-design of my new creative site, that should come later once I start working on it.

but for my Live event videography and photography I don’t have anything until the site is built/designed so I thought I would make a FaceBook page, Many people have made them for themselves and even made jumped up little clothing brands that crash and burn within a year then you look back and think I wasted my time doing that? ( I know cause I have done it) The ones what are successful are the ones that have a direction and a great backing.

But anyway I came up with a Logo to slap on all my work and something to give my work and myself an identity. So hopefully I can run along the path or turning my small little idea into something that is greatly recognised by many others.

Not only display my live event work but Also my design as I am studying Graphic Design after all and also to add a little diversity into my work some portraiture, landscape, commercial video etc. (That may take a while yet another idea that I may not never follow through)

But here is the Link :