Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir -36When I finished University for my first term –  suddenly I had no idea what to do with myself with all my time off, Almost a month! So I hopped on the net and plugged myself to every club / bar I could potentially work in, pushing well above my weight! So shaped up for my videography / Photography work to land a gig with the most prestigious club in London called Cirque Le Soir, So when you have a night out in London and want a wonderful and queer experience Head over to Cirque!

Anyway I had my trial night there, (No pressure or anything ) So I got together the kit I had,  it’s not as professional as most known photographers as I can’t afford what kind of stuff!  but at the end of the day if you know what your kit does and how to use it to it’s fullest potential then you are as good as you are! – But this club was the most amazing place I have ever taken photographs, It’s knot like the  usual clubs where you can struggle to get pictures of atmosphere and events, everything here is happening there and then and it’s amazing – So you ar never short of a photograph!

I strongly believe in capturing getting immersed into the environment I am working in, Not only is a good photograph taken through time and and a precise moment to capture but it’s about lighting, emotion and atmosphere – so to be able to produce the work I do I become involved with what is happening around me.

I have had the privilege to also meet some incredible photographers – Partnered with LondonByNight and London Village Kids, Professionals in there own field there work is inspiring and give me ambitions to constantly raise the bar in my own work.

Here are some examples of my work


Cirque Le Soir