First Term – LCC: Graphic Design

At London College Of Communication our first project was a group work of a designers timeline. This was apparently to record our longest term and our longest project. We were put into groups of 4 to 5 people (This was quite nerve-racking when we didn’t know anyone) But hey what is University about if not meeting new creatives! So we were given the brief and brainstormed, this project for as long as it was i found was a test and had to be immaculate. The lecturers wanted to see how we worked, our working process and how we produce a good looking final outcome.


so our group produced a 50 Page book using inDesign (First time!) We researched, Printed, Cut and bound it ourselves all using LCC’s profound printing studios – It wasn’t an easy Job especially if it was your first time using inDesign! But I am now well suited with it and hope to use it as a main software to turn to when I am designing layouts / Magazines


So our designers timeline was of 25 years, each member of the group (5) had 5 years, from 1976 – 1999

Now we had a really difficult time designing and producing this book because we came of all different background our strength are yet to be noticed so we had a lot of contradicting ideas! But our group new for a fact that we wanted to produce an immaculate looking book with a cohesive doing that made it look as if it was designed by one person (In theory) So our team consisted of these bad men/ girl…


Tom – Sick at typography and knows really good design

Da-Costa – Great at geometric and sharp graphic design

Flo – Flo has a really contemporary look about her work and really experimental

Alex – an illustrator honing his work more towards design (Sick at illustrations )

Josh ( Me) Just shit


So we had huge problems we wanted to use everyone’s skills to their best ability, cause whats the point of putting someone in the corner, that doesn’t seem like a creative team you wont get anywhere! But we struggled a lot because each design became different for our pages, We basically had a template each which was the same and designed in that for our years once they were divided. So we came up with the idea of actually doing individual books, this way we got our books and our own design, However we still wanted a cohesive design element so it looked like one collection so to speak…


So we shot some colours for each group of years

letterpress ever title of the little book

Had a colour bar on each right hand side of thew page,

timeline at the bottom of each double page spread

Page numbers in the same place


THIS WORKED! So we kind of just got on with it and left one another to our own deceives and came together each week to see designs and see how it would look. then came the print day…We left it a little too late! But we got it done!


To update to present I was really pleased with my results – I got an A! Which I found quite unbelievable as the amount of work I do outside of colleges ridiculous – highest mark in my SketchBook and who I have to thank for that is my FMP Tutors at Colchester, They knew exactly what was up with SketchBooks and I think If i hadn’t ever gone and done  my Foundation before University I would have failed miserably especially in a Design Subject.

Overall I think the book itself is a really good looking piece of design, not as cohesive as I would like it but it works perfectly! but when we finished the book it just looked so good! So I will stop speaking about it and let you look at the pictures hope you like the update about my design work.



IMG_5468 IMG_5471 IMG_5472 IMG_5475 IMG_5477 IMG_5478 IMG_5479


First Term – LCC: Graphic Design