Latest Music Video

Music Video for a friend.

Lately I have been part of a movement with a good friend of mine Alex safaris, I have seen his music get to a really high quality over the past year and to professional and most likely competitive stage for his age.  As someone who dabbles in most of the media industry he looked upon me to shoot a short video for him.

I was quite concerned about it as the last video someone shot for him was by my Friend Dan Allen and he had set quite a high standard as his shooting and editing skills are impeccable not to mention his natural talent for directing and envisioning exactly what the final outcome he would like – So no pressure at all.

Alex chose the location himself and I had an idea of how I was going to shoot it, Just never done a music video before! Especially directing, Shooting and editing! with all that lip syncing and pre-planning it was quite overwhelming!

The final edit Unfortunately was a little late to my schedule of work – normally it’s done and dusted unless I know that tI really want to spend loads of time on it. So I produced a few mini advertisement posters as well!

Make sure you check it out on release date!

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Latest Music Video

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