AGI Open London

Andrew Slatter

The programme for the AGI Open looked promising, however, at the end of the morning on day one I was uninspired by the speakers and their contributions, the stern demeanor of MC Adrian Shaughnessy unsettled me. Illustrator Marion Deuchars stood out with her sincere and matter-of-fact approach to her practice. Kenya Hara‘s House Vision married with the theme of ‘No Client’, however, the relevance to visual communication design was baffling. After the first reference to Margaret Thatcher from Hamish Muir ‘I don’t mean to come over all Margaret Thatcher’, Roger Law – one half of Luck and Flaw – responsible for the Spitting Image satire, brought on stage a life-size model of Thatcher. I decided to opt out and visit the foyer and browse the books for sale.

Lunch consisted of a sandwich, small muffin and bottle of water provided in a brown bag. The bins were overflowing at…

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AGI Open London

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