Wednesday I worked as an AD (Second-Unit/Assistant  Director) On one of Jamie Weston’s film sets. He runs a production company called Inquisition Media. The title of the short was “Templarorium” Hard to pronounce but you’ll get used to it! as soon as it’s slapped all across social networking sites. This was a tester for a potential budget feature-length. There was a great team involved. the famous Dan Allen – Editor for the day with our SD cards after a shot we would que up and he would upload and drag straight into the timeline. His turn over time for this short was a freakin day!, The master Clive Double as Makeup artist he done an awesome creature! The blue used was fantastic, Then finally we had Tom Allen shooting the hell out of everything! A photographer at heart but has adapted to video something he is real good at. I enjoyed working with him because we both have an understanding of DOP so we can both get the job done efficiently, I also trust him to get good shots so I would tell him occasionally what I ‘Roughly’ want and he would go away and come back with a shot of pure gold. It was also’s Dan’s first time really being on set and editing. he stayed at camp all day! He had a nifty set up! We had a great cast! they were really flexible and acted fantastically! I would be more than happy to be on a set with this team again. I got dan to pick out a couple of stills for me so the blog isn’t just words! So I edited a couple and here they are, I done a quick title as well!


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