First day of my art diploma

So the first day of the art diploma was thrown upon me today, placed in a room with other anticipating students. We were told about enrollment, Signed forms and looked upon the other students you will be working with. Our first assignment is the study of machines and their correspondence to humans, in other words MEN Vs MACHINES our first task was to listen to the noise a machine makes and draw from the sound, creatively and caveman like. Just like an artist would solely use music to inspire them to draw. This will be interesting and fairly difficult. I also have to look through old illustrations in old manufacturing guides to gather inspiration from the world of old machines, study modern films to grasp the idea of the original concept drawings of the machinery involved, to help me with this I have chosen to watch fifth element, blade runner and tron! So the course itself is already intense! I came back with all these the first day!


First day of my art diploma

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