So I have been carrying around a cheep pound notebook for a couple of months now and i have almost filled it. Mostly with short ideas. No feature length things! but everything I have written are about real life scenarios and experiences just blew out of proportion! So each one is about 2-3 min longs, some are 10 minutes and one is actually feature length which i will never be able to do in my life! – Well who knows.I use ‘Celtx’ to write my scripts it’s great because it works brilliantly with iPhone and you can share any script via email or PDF etc. I can also with the new iPhone App edit them on the go! I tend to use this as showing my friends. My friend uses final draft which has a greg sharing capability and formatting (so saving it in a different file format) but i suppose I just laid my eyes on Celtx first aha! i’ will post about a short I am shooting at the moment! so hard to pin down the actor though! 


2 thoughts on “Writing..

  1. That sounds like a good idea, I should do that! I have a bad habit of getting ideas then never writing them down…I was thinking doing a dream diary might be a good idea, as my dreams are always full of interesting plot lines and ideas!

    1. cloudsandwood says:

      Try it! – Walk down to your local little shop now and grab a cheap notepad. I mostly write on the train or tube. Dreams are great if you get them a lot! Love your style of writing. Initial scripts are looking great

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