My “Allergies’ Short.

So I wrote a short and script it – it’s about 2-3 mins long. This boy Freddie is allergic to almost everything. every morning he has to take dozens of pills to keep him from having an allergic reaction, his mother lays these out for him every morning with a glass of water he has to have with them. She is emotionally detached from her son Freddie, he believes her to be married to her work and controlling. once she has left he sighs and starts taking the pills suddenly the college bus pulls up outside. he gets in a flaff and starts taking them really quick the bus tons again and he grabs his bag but in his frustration knocks all the pills of the table. He then get son his hands and knees taking every pill as quick as he can, the camrs shoots to on pill which has rolled under the counters (always one! so annoying) he then rns out the door and collapses gasping for air (shot of the field and him looking t it Hayfever!) He then runs back inide with all the strength he can muster. unusually he finds the last pill and holds it up however he realises the water is on the table….so he can’t take it. then blacks out.

Got dozens of these little shorts! can’t wait to shoot them all once my A levels are out the way. might have time in summer. here are some stills from the editing.


My “Allergies’ Short.

2 thoughts on “My “Allergies’ Short.

    1. cloudsandwood says:

      It literally just blacks out because I still want to maintain the 2-3min aspect. Personally no! I just made it up. My friend and I talked about a post apocalyptic world and everyday you have to wear protective clothing to go to school etc. then it kind of got on to the idea of pills…

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