A little bit more for Cineco..

I was asked to shoot at London Cineco for the Director Gabriel Gonzalez.  We al Just finished filming a new music video for the band ‘No Answers’ For their new song! Been working with the Director Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez who is the Director’s assistant on the film ‘Rush’ (Ron Howard) starring Chris Hemsworth and Olivia Wilde – So jealous he has met her! Also worked with Jack Shelbourn great VFX guy, Camera guy and just all round awesome!  he shot on Henry 4th a few weeks back. So last night we were on set – took us about 2 hours to set up the lighting and the props.On Gabriel’s sets precision is key and he really shows that how everything is organised and done to the book but he give us the chance to go a little wild with our rigs! So we shot on SDLRs me on the 550D shooting 24 frames and Jack on the 60D both slapped with some badman lens me on the 85mm and Jack rocking the 70-300 L we changed a few bits and had the chance to set up a few wide angle rail shots and an awesome car rig! we started at 1300 finished at 0530 in the morning. never expect a Maccy’s open in London at 0100 in the morning! it does not happen! McDonalds screwed with us that night.



A little bit more for Cineco..

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