Just simple.

I thought I would upload a mock-up of advertisement. Just to show how simple it is to make something looks really simple, clean and make your company look really smart. The name took me 10 seconds to figure out and so did the slogan. I look back on the piece and think that the mesh frame shouldn’t have been duplicated, but left how it should have been – vertical. This took me no time at all I just followed some easy default design processes. I also used the Microsoft Yi Baiti font again because I am starting to become its slave. Love it! not the slave part but the font. 

1.Target Market (You don’t want a picture of a chicken advertising a sophisticated 3D design software. unless it’s really cool! but seriously.)

2.Keep the design consistent with the Logo so the font etc. (Wouldn’t have huge bubble writing like i’m advertising a my little pony toy

2.Colours (Choosing the right ones which match)

3. and too really go crazy I  chose some Really arty words (Ignore this last step if your following this rubbish advice)

Just simple.

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