My first short film…Ever!

Finally I have decided to make a short film that was totally sspontaneous! I just wanted to star filming with my DSLR – the primary reason for this spontaneous piece was to capture some really good shots and mess around with the focus. The Short is about one minute long, directed by myself and the audio done by myself. The focus is a little out because it’s hard to star in your own short and film it! My friend Dan was passed out on the sofa after a heavy night and I was about to make a coffee and decided to film it. Originally I hated the sound! I had so much background house what the Mic on the camera picked up so I was going to do it again! – but I thought hey there is an Arty meaning in this! and decided to base the piece on “Trying to make a coffee” by Ignoring all other detraction – to be fair there are so many and the short almost tie you a headache! So the melodic guitar at the end really makes it! Hope you enjoy it.

My first short film…Ever!

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