My makeshift studio…

I thought I would upload a picture of the studio I set up! – now normally I set it up in the Garage with another 3 additional lights and without the backdrop folded in half then hung up. It doesn’t leave a lot of room with it in and blocks the access to the wardrobe but who cares. Please ignore the room in all its messy glory. I do tidy it occasionally – The room was designed by myself and painted! in the cupboard behind me I have a drawing on the back wall but it’s blocked by the bed which is annoyingly  the width of the room – badly designed on my part! the photo was taken with a cheap wide-angle adapter which just hops on my 18-55mm nothing special you can pick them up for about £30 really recommend them! But most of the time you will have to zoom in ever so slightly to get rid of the black corners cutting in your image – but I wanted to cool look of it.

My makeshift studio…

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