A totally different perspective through the eyes of a pinhole…?

Lately I have been doing a lot of alternative photography due too my photography course. I have actually made a pinhole camera – which too my surprise turned out really well! Took awesome pictures. So I went out and recorded the times of exposures depending on what the light was so I could get it nearly perfect every time I took a photo. I have even made it portable by putting it into a dark bag with two dark paper bags  one full with photography paper – OH and most importantly tape! This is so I can load the Pinhole tape up the two bags so the paper is’t fucked then expose it, Un-load and store so I could potentially do 12 just like a medium format. this definitely makes a change from taking al my photos close too the dark room – because it just becomes a pain when you have to walk up three flights of stairs! I have attached some photos which I had taken just outside the darkroom. the really light one was the first I hadn’t really left enough time for it too be properly fixed (impatient!) so that’s why you got yellow seeping into it. then I decided to do a positive of it and for some reason it turned out 100% more sharper! you can see that both the background and foreground are in focus you wouldn’t normally get this with a normal camera you would have to choose between them – But i was so surprised with the quality of the image! then I pissed around with them and started bleaching/sepia and dyeing. The reason you have the little frame around it was because I used small paper for the originally and just done it on larger for the positives – It’s not a ‘cool vintage’ looking polaroid! I really recommend making a pinhole camera! it’s really more arty than photography, but it does strip you down to the bare minimum of what taking a picture is all about. (Remember these pictures are scan look so sick in real life!)

A totally different perspective through the eyes of a pinhole…?

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